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Planning and production of moulds for plastic materials
Diecasting and thermosetting moulds
EDM processing- CAD/CAM

di Randi & C. s.r.l.



Erreci is a dynamic company, with more than 30 years experience, with the target to project and produce high quality moulds, mainly of medium and large size.
Since our foundation, we have built:
injection moulds for plastic and bi-materials
blow moulding moulds for plastic materials
compression moulds for thermosettings
diecasting moulds for aluminium and its alloys
melting gas and stack moulds
We provide assistance and manufacture on moulds to be maintained or modified.

High quality, experience,
technological innovation

We take great care of all development steps, from design to production and finally to mould test.
We offer solutions for every requirement, with high efficency and optimized delivery time, thanks to a detailed project planning and control and thanks to the advanced machines.

Flexibility, quickness,


Erreci s.r.l.- Via Asiago 7- 21043 Castiglione O.(VA)- Italy- Tel: 0331-858406/0331-825983; e-mail: