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Planning and production of moulds for plastic materials
Diecasting and thermosetting moulds
EDM processing- CAD/CAM

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Since its foundation, Erreci has built about 1200 moulds for different items:

Glasses: toric and cylindrical lenses, masks, tile lenses and frames.

Items for babies: feeding-bottles, thermosetting dishes, car seats, baby-walkers, baby carriage, baby bathtubs and various toys.

Car and motorycle items: headlights, badges, diecasting motor parts, reflectors, sill board, car wheelhouse and gravel guards.

Electrical items: plugs, sockets, special coupling for neon lighting and installation boxes.

Bathroom items: toilet seats and covers, external and embedded flush tanks, internal flush tank mechanisms.

Items for household appliances: doors and shutters for fridges and washing machines, basins, egg-cups, fridge handles and other details.

Various technical items: Moulds (even of very large size) for special spinning machines, cleaning trolleys, tool cases, sanitary fittings, cosmetic items, fruit and vegetable containers and industrial containers.

Specialized in moulds
for toric lenses

car items and electrical items
toric,cylindrical and tile lenses
installation box


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